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Hatsune Miku wants to groove with you on iOS

By : Anim Plane

This is one of those times I envy all of you out there that own an Apple product. There are just some times, you guy get the cool stuff and us Android (or Windows) people have to sit back and watch you all gloat over your new toys.
Hitting the App Store today is Music Girl Hatsune Miku (E) for the iPhone and iPod Touch devices. This is the popular music player that was released in Japan last year is now available in English from Marza Animation Planet Inc. Miku will dance with your music, communicate with you, play dress up, and give you presents to collect. This looks to be a great little app to take with you or just leave on your desk and have Miku keep you company while you rock out to some of her music. Either way, you have fun with that all you Apple savvy people. I'll be over here, wishing for an Android release. *sigh*
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A Daily Dose of Music: Old School Thursdays

By : Anim Plane

This week our time machine only has a short way to go. We're heading back to the not so distant past of 2006, and the ever popular show Naruto Shippuden. I had followed Naruto on and off for quite some time, and decided to jump back in at the point that Shippuden had started to really gain some traction. The first season had started off with a pretty ominous concept, and it looked like we might get some closure on some character arcs.
However, thing didn't quite turn out that way, and when the series finally caught up to the opening scene of the first season, it just didn't deliver on its promises. The whole scene of Naruto and Sasuke finally seeing each other again was a few seconds! Yeah, I checked back out at that point.
One thing that I will always stand behind though, is how incredible the music for the show has always been. I always go back to Ikemono Gakari's Bluebird, which served as the third intro for the series. The song just hits all the right notes, bright vocals, sweeping melodies, and a perfect amount of energy. The animation in the intro also just matched up so well. I've been meaning to check back on the series when I have time, but this track is never far from my iTunes shuffle.
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Pre-Order goodies for Hatsune Miku Project Diva F

By : Anim Plane

Hatsune MikuPre-Order goodies for Hatsune Miku Project Diva F photo

Sega has announced that the new Hatsune Miku Project DIVA F for the North American PS3 finally has a formal release date of August 27th. One thing else they announced, which actually surprised me, was that if you pre-order the game from GameStop you will receive some pre-order goodies. These goodies aren't much I'm afraid. It consists of a new Snow Miku 2013 outfit and a XMB theme. Not as great as say a new song or something, I guess I should be grateful that they are even doing anything at all for it.
Anyway, go to your local GameStop, or any retailer that is selling it, and pick up a copy. Tell those corporate heads that we want these types of games brought over and are willing to pay cash money for them! Let's make this a great example of a overlooked market!

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Rock the Charts for the week of August 2nd

By : Anim Plane

Rock the ChartsRock the Charts for the week of August 2nd photo

Brad's in the middle of a trip, so he has left me in charge of watching over Rock the Charts until he returns to us safely. In a slightly surprising hit, Monsters University loses its number one spot afterThe Wind Rises flies its way to the number one spot on the film side. After a dynamic Moon Tiara attack, Sailor Moon is back on top, which is a good sign for everyone.
Music wise, Beautiful Lightnng by SKE48 continues to steal the spotlight, and March to Freedomby Linked Horizon falls down to number ten. But never fear, mankind will still prevail against the Titans, and tenth place is still good spot on the list. 
But enough with introductions, because it's time to look at the top titles for this week! 
Oricon's Top Three Singles
1. Beautiful Lightning by SKE48
2. Thank you Summer Love by KARA
3. One Song from Two Hearts by Kobu Kuro
New York Times Top Three Manga
1. Sailor Moon Vol. 12
2. Alice in the Country of Clover: Cheshire Cat Waltz Vol. 5
3. Mayo Chiki Vol. 3
Japan's Top Three Box Office Films
1. The Wind Rises - Week 1, grossed $8.26 million
2. Monsters University - Week 4, grossed $5.04 million
3. Emperor - Week 1, grossed $1.87 million
If you're interested in seeing the rest of the list, you can head on over to the section after the jump! 
Oricon Top Ten Singles for the week of July 28th
1. Beautiful Lightning by SKE48 - Week 2 (+0)
2. Thank you Summer Love by KARA - Week 1 (+0)
3. One Song from Two Hearts by Kobu Kuro - Week 1 (+0)
4. DARK RIVER/Eternally/clock by GLAY - Week 1 (+0)
5. Happy Olly by FITSLAND - Week 1 (+0)
6. At the ends of the light by Faeries - Week 1 (+0)
7. Samaraba by Sid - Week 1 (+0)
8. Cutie Panther by BiBi ~  Aya Seto Eiri (Nanjo Love Akino), West Kino True Princess (Pilo), Yazawa Nico (Tokui Blue Sky) - Week 1 (+0)
9. Starlight by DEEP - Week 1 (+0)
10. March to Freedom by Linked Horizon - Week 3 (-7)
Source: Oricon
New York Times Top Ten Manga for the week of August 4th
1. Sailor Moon Vol. 12 - Week 1
2. Alice in the Country of Clover: Cheshire Cat Waltz Vol. 5 - Week 3
3. Mayo Chiki Vol. 3 - Week 1
4. Bleach Vol. 57 - Week 3
5. Blue Exorcist Vol. 10 - Week 3
6. Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories - Week 3
7. Attack on Titan Vol. 1 - Week 6
8. Psyren Vol. 11 - Week 3
9. Pokemon Adventures Vol. 17 - Week 2
10. Death Note Black Vol. 1 - Week 4
Source: The New York Times
Japanese Box Office for the week of July 28th
1. The Wind Rises - Week 1, grossed $8.26 million
2. Monsters University - Week 4, grossed $5.04 million
3. Emperor - Week 1, grossed $1.87 million
4. Pokemon: Best Wishes 2013 - Week 3, grossed $1.81 million
5. Midsummer Formula - Week 5, grossed $1.37 million
6. Fast & Furious 6 - Week 4, grossed $1.03 million
7. Gintama: The Final Chapter - Week 4, grossed $836k
8. Anpanman: Kibou no Handkerchief - Week 4, grossed $251k
9. Ninja Kids! Summer Mission Impossible - Week 4, grossed $147k
10. Silent Hill Revelation 3D - Week 3grossed $147k
Source: Box Office Mojo
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Daily Dose of Music: Marie Ueda

By : Anim Plane

Kicking off what promises to be a lovely August, is the hot new singer, Marie Ueda. She actually had a release last year, but I unfortunately have just treated my ears to her rocking sound. I really dig her unique vocal style layered on top of bright, pop-punk vocals. Perfect for bright summery days like today.
The video for Kokoro to Karada is simple, full of collage like imagery,, and of course the lovely Miss Ueda herself. I seem to be steering towards more raw rocks like this, but I guess there's always room for some sweet J-Pop. What kind of styles are you guys into nowadays? Getting tired of overly pop music?

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Beware the Colossal Titan

By : Anim Plane

I had the pleasure of attending Wonder Festival for the first time last weekend. As an added bonus, it was also my very first nerd convention in Japan! I wasn't sure what to expect, though the main thing folks have always told me is crowding can get intense at any convention, concert, or otherwise big event around here. 
In the above video, I sum up my experiences from beginning (arrival, lining up) to end at the one-day toy event that is Wonder Festival, which took place at the Makuhari Messe in Chiba (near Tokyo). It was overall super fun, and I'd totally go again! It was, in fact, so fun and so surprising that my video ran a little long. My apologies in advance! 
For a look at the figure photo coverage, most of which was supplied by me, myself, and I, check out Tomopop! Our editors really worked their butts off to get all that content up right away, and it's all worth a look for both the commentary and the visuals. The next WonFes event, Wonder Festival 2014 Winter, will be held on February 9th at the same venue. I'll probably be there. 
Again, I apologize in advance for the length of the video, though really it's because I just had that much to say about my day. I hope you'll enjoy it, and as I state at the end of it, be sure to leave any comments and feedback below, as well as your suggestions or requests for future videos! What kind of things do you want me to talk about, places you'd want me to visit, or foods you want me to try? Sound off below, and it might just happen.
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Gungrave Anime Action Review | Anime Kida

By : Anim Plane

Gun Grave is an old as sin anime show that I finished watching recently. The show is about two friends called Brandon and Harry. They had a dream of climbing the social ladder. Like many of the poor, they sought to petty crime to survive. Eventually, they get into the Millennium gangster family. Anyhow, the show begins with Brandon. Apparently, he died and has come back from beyond the Grave. Now the scientist who revived him has renamed him Beyond the Grave.
Anyhow, our dear Grave has to protect this girl from Millennium. Millennium has been creating some bio soldiers from dead bodies. Grave was designed to fight these monsters. In the first episode, Grave defeated a lot of strange bio soldiers. After that early battle, Grave starts having flashbacks. He goes to visit his friends’ graves. There he gets attacked again. After the second battle, the show starts at the beginning.
gungrave Brandon Heat beyond the grave Anime Kida  guns and roses guns gunpowder gungrave gunblade gun anime cute anime
We see the events that led up to Brandon’s death. The show has a lot of action. The main theme is that family is important. You never betray your family. That was the code of Iron of the Millennium gangster family. As an orphan, Brandon considered his friend Harry his only family. As such, when they joined Millennium he decided that he was never going to betray Harry… for better or for worse.
This anime show is truly depressing. Then again, no gangster story has a happy ending. Another thing that I liked about the show was the opening song. It had a gangster feel about. It also had no lyrics. Another thing that I liked was the memorable character, Blood War. He was pretty interesting for only showing up for 3 or 4 episodes. In any case, Gungrave is 5 stars worthy anime show. I recommend it to all who like gunners and monsters shows.
gungrave Brandon Heat beyond the grave Anime Kida  guns and roses guns gunpowder gungrave gunblade gun anime cute anime  Gungrave review brandon heat

Autumn 2013 Anime Heroine Chart

By : Anim Plane

A chart of autumn 2013′s various anime heroines grants a collective look at the girls of the coming season, none of whom are much that interesting – yet at least there are a few finer favorites mixed in.

These girls all blend together, which is appropriate when considering they likely don’t have very distinct personalities anyway – although there remains a few out of the group that one could admire more than the rest. If one is a fan ofBlazBlue, there’s no reason Noel Vermillion would be beneath the rest for instance, unless of course, it’s another BlazBlue girl that one prefers. That said, there’s no waiting necessary to see the BlazBlue females will be the best – one can simply go play the games.
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“Infinite Stratos” S2 Charlotte Key Visual

By : Anim Plane

Infinite Stratos’ second season brings out a key visual of Charlotte on a boat – a surprisingly all-around earnest visual that doesn’t delve into provocative focus, yet it’s not quite clear in what way it is relevant.

This sci-fi harem is certainly not about joyous boat rides or love for sea creatures – thus, the illustration is rather off in regards to actually promoting the series for what the series itself has. Yet in either case, most will likely be pleased regardless simply to have the sight of Charlotte presented in new and cute ways – meaning everything works out regardless.
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